Video: Unit Conversions with Capacities

Write in cubic centimeters: 1.6 dm³


Video Transcript

Write in cubic centimeters one and six tenths decimeters cubed.

Before we move from decimeters to centimeters, let’s think about what decimeter cubed actually means. 1.6 decimeter cubed means 1.6 decimeters times decimeters times decimeters. This is what cubed units represents. In order to convert decimeters cubed, we need to convert each of our decimeters into centimeters, like this.

We remember that one decimeter equals 10 centimeters. To convert from decimeters to centimeters, we need to multiply by 10. And we’re working with cube units, which means we need to do that three times. To convert 1.6 decimeters cubed into centimeters cubed, we’ll need to multiply by 10 by 10 by 10. So we bring down our original amount of 1.6. And then we multiply it by 10 by 10 by 10. 1.6 times 10 cubed equals 1600. And since we’re working with our units cubed, we would write 1600 centimeters cubed. 1.6 decimeters cubed is equal to 1600 centimeters cubed.

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