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Video: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Kathryn Kingham

If 𝑎 = 3 and 𝑏 = 8, evaluate 𝑎 ⋅ 𝑏.


Video Transcript

If 𝑎 equals three and 𝑏 equals eight, evaluate 𝑎 times 𝑏.

Here’s what we know, that 𝑎 is equal to three and 𝑏 is equal to eight. We want to evaluate 𝑎 times 𝑏.

Before we evaluate, I wanna take a second and note this symbol. When you see a dot between two variables, or between two numbers, it means multiplication. Both the dot and the ⨯ can be used as a representation of multiplication.

Okay, now that that’s settled, back to evaluating 𝑎 times 𝑏. We were told that 𝑎 equals three. So, we substitute the number three for the letter 𝑎 in our problem.

The letter 𝑏 is equal to eight. So we substitute the number eight for the letter 𝑏. We remember that symbol represents multiplication. And now we multiply three times eight equals 24.

Under these conditions, 𝑎 times 𝑏 equals 24.