Video: Finding the Percent of a Part Compared to a Whole for Simple Fractions

Express 3/4 as a percent.


Video Transcript

Express three-quarters as a percent.

A percent or percentage is a ratio that compares a number to 100. Percent means out of 100. We want to know what three-quarters is equivalent to as a fraction, where the denominator is 100. Let’s call the numerator of this fraction 𝑥. Now, there are two different approaches that we can consider for how to find the value of this number 𝑥.

In the first approach, we consider that the number four must have been multiplied by 25 in order to reach the number 100. If the denominator of a fraction has been multiplied by 25, then the numerator must also be multiplied by 25 in order for the two fractions to be equivalent. Therefore, the numerator of the second fraction must be equal to three multiplied by 25. This is equal to 75. And so we have that three-quarters is equivalent to 75 out of a 100. 75 out of a 100 is equal to 75 percent.

The second method that we could have used is to find the cross product of the two fractions. This would give three multiplied by 100 is equal to four multiplied by 𝑥. This simplifies to 300 is equal to four 𝑥. In order to find the value of 𝑥, we need to divide both sides of this equation by four. 300 divided by four is 75 and four 𝑥 divided by four is 𝑥. So we have 75 is equal to 𝑥.

Three-quarters is equal to 75 percent.

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