Video: The Written Form of Decimal Numbers

Express 405.597 in words.


Video Transcript

Express 405.597 in words.

And since we’re supposed to express this in words, that’s why I didn’t say it in the words. So here we have this number. The important piece is this decimal point, because to the left of it is the whole number and to the right of it is the decimal. So let’s look at the place values of each number. So let’s go ahead and spread these apart, a little bit further. Here we go.

So starting with the decimal point, directly to the left of that is considered the ones place. And then to the left of that is considered the tens place. And then lastly to the left of that is the hundreds place.

So before we say what that number is, let’s also look at the right of the decimal point. This is the decimal. The five is in the tenths place. And to the right of that is the hundredths place. And then the seven is in the thousandths place.

So let’s begin with the 405. Four is in the hundreds place, so that’s four hundred. There’s a zero for the ten and a five for the one. So since there are three numbers all the way up to the hundreds place, this will be considered four hundred five, because the zero means it’s- there’s no value for the tens place. So it could’ve been four hundred twenty-five if there had been a two in the tens place or four hundred thirty-five if there had been a three in the tens place. But since there’s a zero, there’s- there’s no value there. There’s just a five to go along with the four hundred, so we have four hundred five.

We represent the decimal point with the word “and,” so four hundred five and 597. So all the way to the right is te- tells us how large that number is. And the seven is in the thousandths place. So we will have to write thousandths at the end.

Now 597, that has three numbers. So just like the four — the 405 is four hundred five — this would be five hundred ninety-seven. So 597 is five hundred ninety-seven. But again, the seven is in the thousandths place, so we must write thousandths at the end. Therefore, we get a final answer of four hundred five and five hundred ninety-seven thousandths.

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