Video: Finding and Positioning Rational Numbers on a Horizontal or Vertical Number Line Diagram

Which of the numbers 𝑙, 𝑚, 𝑛, and 𝑜 is 4/10?


Video Transcript

Which of the numbers 𝑙, 𝑚, 𝑛, and 𝑜 is four-tenths?

We know that four-tenths lies between zero and one. It is greater than zero and less than one. Looking at our number line, this means that the correct answer could be 𝑛 or 𝑜. The fraction four-tenths can be simplified to two-fifths. This is because both the numerator and denominator are divisible by two. There are four hash marks between zero and one. This means that there are five jumps, and each jump represents one-fifth. As 𝑛 is two marks above zero, this is equal to two-fifths.

The letter 𝑜 is four marks above zero or one below one. This means it is equal to four-fifths. As two-fifths is equivalent to four-tenths, the correct answer is 𝑛. Whilst not required in this question, the letters 𝑚 and 𝑙 represent negative two-fifths and negative four-fifths, respectively. We could also have answered this question by considering decimals instead of fractions. Four-tenths is the same as 0.4. As decimals, 𝑛 is equal to 0.4, 𝑜 is equal to 0.8, 𝑚 is equal to negative 0.4, and 𝑙 is equal to negative 0.8. Once again, we can see that the correct answer is 𝑛.

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