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What organic compound is the simplest hydroxyl-bearing aromatic hydrocarbon?

We’re given a lot of information in this question.So let’s try to break it down into smaller chunks.It tells us that the compound we’re looking for contains a hydroxyl group.This can be written as OH.It also says that we’re looking for a hydrocarbon.This means that the compound we’re looking for mainly contains carbon and hydrogen atoms.We’re also looking for a compound which is classed as aromatic.Of course, this means aromatic in the chemical sense and not that the compound is smelly.Being aromatic means that we know our compound is going to contain at least one ring.

The question specifies that we’re looking for the simplest aromatic hydrocarbon.Being simple means that we’re looking for the smallest aromatic hydrocarbon.Hopefully, you remember that the smallest or simplest aromatic hydrocarbon is benzene.Benzene is the smallest aromatic compound and contains a six-membered ring.You may also see benzene drawn as a six-membered ring, with a circle in the middle.This denotes that the electrons in the double bonds are delocalized around the ring.Either is correct.

So now that we found our simplest aromatic hydrocarbon, we need to return it into the simplest hydroxyl-bearing aromatic hydrocarbon.To do this, let’s add a hydroxyl group.So here we have the simplest hydroxyl-bearing aromatic hydrocarbon, drawn out as a structure.But we’re looking for the name of this molecule.Because it contains a hydroxyl group, we want the name to end in -ol.

Hopefully, you’ve remembered by now that the name of this molecule is phenol.So this is the answer to our question.

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