Video: Using Place Value to Write Numbers in Words and Digits

8 hundreds, 7 tens, and 6 units are added. Determine the result in numbers and words.


Video Transcript

Eight hundreds, seven tens, and six units are added. Determine the result in numbers and words.

Let’s work through it one piece at a time. We have eight hundreds. Eight hundreds written with numbers is eight zero zero. Next, we have seven tens. Seven tens is the same thing as saying 70. We show that with a seven and a zero. Lastly, we need six units. Six units is a six in the ones place.

These three values are added together: 800 plus 70 plus six. Starting in the units place or the ones place, zero plus zero plus six equals six. Then we add the tens place. Zero plus seven equals seven. In the hundreds place, we have 800, but nothing else. So we just bring down our eight. Our result written in numbers looks like this: 876, eight seven six.

Now, we need to write 876 in words. The first phrase is eight hundred. We spell eight: e-i-g-h-t and then we write the word hundred: h-u-n-d-r-e-d. And the last phrase will represent 76. When we write in words 76, we write the word seventy: s-e-v-e-n-t-y and then we use a hyphen before we write the word six: s-i-x. And that’s our result in numbers and words.

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