Video: Factoring by Finding the Highest Common Factor

Using the diagram, factor 4π‘₯ + 12.


Video Transcript

Using the diagram, factor four π‘₯ plus 12.

This diagram has images that reflect four π‘₯ and 12. The diagram on the right-hand side has combined the two images. And it’s taken the bar of size 12 and divided it into four evenly sized pieces. We know that 12 divided by four equals three. This diagram has removed a factor of four from the 12 and from the four π‘₯. 12 divided by four equals three. And four π‘₯ divided by four equals π‘₯.

We see that four times π‘₯ plus four times three equals four π‘₯ plus 12. These are equivalent expressions. And so, we can say that four π‘₯ plus 12 is equal to four times π‘₯ plus three. We can also say that the highest common factor of four π‘₯ and 12 is four. We have undistributed the highest common factor from these two terms to give us four times π‘₯ plus three.

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