Video: Using Venn Diagrams to Find the Relation between Two Sets

Use βŠ‚ or βŠ„ to fill in the gap: The Venn Diagram shows {2} οΌΏ π‘Œ.


Video Transcript

Use βŠ‚ or βŠ„ to fill in the gap: The Venn diagram shows the element two is blank π‘Œ.

So π‘Œ is the set that includes elements inside this triangle. So π‘Œ includes elements seven, five and it also includes nine and two. Yes, it is true that nine and two are actually elements of 𝑍. But 𝑍 is inside of the set π‘Œ. So we actually have that 𝑍 βŠ‚ π‘Œ.

But what is a subset? It means that all of the elements that are in 𝑍 are also in π‘Œ. And our question is asking us to fill in the blank: two blank π‘Œ. So is two a subset of π‘Œ? Is it included in the set of π‘Œ? Yes, it is. It’s found here.

Since two is included in the set π‘Œ, two would be a subset of π‘Œ. So the symbol that we need to use to fill in the gap will be this one, meaning it is a subset of the set π‘Œ.

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