Video: Classifying Objects by Category and Counting the Number of Objects in Each Category

Emma and James are sorting a box of balls. Emma says “I have 6 blue balls.” James says “I have 3 green balls and 2 red balls.” Who has the most?


Video Transcript

Emma and James are sorting a box of balls. Emma says, “I have six blue balls.” James says, “I have three green balls and two red balls.” Who has the most?

We know that Emma has six blue balls and James has a three green balls plus two red balls. And we’re asked to decide who has the most balls, Emma or James. Which is more, six or three plus two? To answer this question, we need to work out how many balls James has altogether.

We need to add together his three green balls and his two red balls. To help us add three and two, we could start at three on our number line and count forward two more. What is three and two more? One, two. Three plus two is five. Now, we can compare. Emma has six balls. James has five. Emma has the most balls. Six is more than five.

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