Video: KS2-M17 • Paper 1 • Question 7

_ = 4500 + 600.


Video Transcript

What is equal to 4500 plus 600?

To find the answer, we need to add together 4500 and 600. We could do this mentally by starting at 4500 and counting forward 600. An easier way to add would be to first add 500 to take us to the nearest thousand which is 5000 and then add another hundred which takes us to 5100.

We could also add our numbers using column addition. 4500 has four thousands, five hundreds, no tens, and no ones. And 600 has six hundreds, no tens, and no ones.

First, we need to add in the ones column: zero plus zero equals zero. Then, we move into the tens column where we have to add zero and zero which again makes zero. Next, we move into the hundreds column: five hundreds plus six hundreds equals 11 hundreds. 11 hundreds is the same as saying 1100. So we can write the 100 in the hundreds column and carry the 1000 into the thousands column. Finally, we can add in the thousands column: four plus one equals five. 5100 is equal to 4500 plus 600.

First, we added using a mental method: starting at 4500, counting forward 500 to 5000, and then adding another 100 to take us to 5100. We also calculated the answer using column addition. Both methods give us the same answer, 5100.

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