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Question Video: Subtracting Numbers up to 10 by Subtracting from 10 Mathematics

What is 14 − 8? Hint: Subtract from 10.


Video Transcript

What is 14 subtract eight. Hint: Subtract from 10.

It looks like we need to take away a ones number from a teen number in this question. We need to subtract eight from 14. But wait a second. The hint that we’re given doesn’t say subtract from 14; it says subtract from 10. Why did it say this? It’s a bit strange. In the picture, we can see 14 counters that are being put into 10 frames. And this gives us a little bit of a clue as to what we need to do. Because by using 10 frames, we can see that the number 14 is the same as one lot of 10 and then four ones. So instead of taking away eight from 14, by splitting the number up like this, we can take away eight from 10.

And this is what the hint is really telling us. It’s really saying to us, don’t take away from the whole amount. Now that you’ve split up 14 into one 10 and four ones, just look at the one 10. It’s much easier to subtract from 10. And the reason it’s much easier and quicker to subtract from 10 is because all we need to do is to think of the pairs of numbers that go together to make 10. And because we want to subtract eight, all we have to do is think of the number that goes together with eight to make 10. Now, if we draw a line here on our 10 frame, we can see that eight and another two go together to make 10. So if we start with 10 and take away eight, we’ll be left with two.

Now remember, the calculation we’re trying to work out here is 14 take away eight. So to see how many counters we’ve got left, we need to add the two parts we’ve got back together again. And two plus four equals six. To find the answer to 14 take away eight, we first split up the number 14 into 10 and four. We did this because subtracting from 10 is much quicker than subtracting from 14 because we know all the pairs that go together to make 10. 10 take away eight leaves us with two. Then we had to put the two parts back together again. Two plus the four ones equals six altogether. And that’s how we know that 14 subtract eight equals six.

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