Video: Comparing Decimal Numbers

Which is greater, 24.35 or 20.04?


Video Transcript

Which is greater, twenty-four and thirty-five hundredths or twenty and four hundredths?

To compare these values, let’s first line them up by their decimal points. If you line up values by their decimal points, you can be sure that you’re always comparing place value correctly. Now we’re first going to compare what’s in the tens place. And for these two values, they’re the same in the tens place; they both have a two, which means we’ll now need to check the ones place.

We can now compare the two values in the ones place. 24 has a four in the ones place. 20 has a zero in the ones place. By lining up the decimal points, we were able to see that twenty-four and thirty-five hundredths is greater than twenty and four hundredths.

24 has a larger value in the ones place than 20 does, which makes twenty-four and thirty-five hundredths the greater value.

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