Video: Skip Counting By 100s within 1000

Start at 565 and skip count by 100s. What number will come next?


Video Transcript

Start at 565 and skip count by 100s. What number will come next?

This question tests our ability to count. Instead of starting at zero, we’re told to start counting at 565. And instead of saying every single number, we’re told to skip count by 100s. This is the same as adding 100 every time and not saying any of the numbers in between. Let’s think about the number 565 to start with. It’s made up of five hundreds, six tens, and also five ones.

Now, as we’ve said already, by skip counting by 100s, we’re adding 100 more each time. That’s one more hundred but no more tens and no more ones. The tens and the ones digits are going to stay the same. This means that as we skip count in 100s, as we say each number, it’s going to be a number of 100s and 65. So to begin with, we have five 100s and 65. And the question asks us, what number will come next? If we add 100 to 565, we get 665.

And although we don’t have to in this question, we could carry on, adding 100 each time and skip counting by 100s. 765, 865, and so on. We could keep going. But we don’t need to go as far as this. As we’ve seen already, if we start at 565 and skip count by 100s, the number that will come next is 665. 565 plus 100 equals 665.

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