Video: Dividing Numbers up to 100

Fill in the missing divisor: 12 ÷ _ = 3.


Video Transcript

Fill in the missing divisor: 12 divided by the missing number equals three.

To help us find the missing number, we could change the order of the calculation. So instead of finding 12 divided by a missing number, we could divide 12 by three. And that will give us the missing number.

So we need to find how many threes there are in 12. We could use arrays to help us. In other words, how many rows of three are there in 12? We’ve drawn one row already. One row of three makes three. Two rows of three makes six. Three rows of three is nine. And four rows of three makes 12. There are four threes in 12. Or 12 divided by three equals four. We can change the order of these numbers, which means we can also say that 12 divided by four equals three. The missing divisor is four.

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