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Question Video: Classifying 2D Shapes Mathematics

Which shape does NOT belong?


Video Transcript

Which shape does not belong?

We’re shown three different shapes. We have to decide which of the shapes is the odd one out. Which one is different to the others? We can see that all of the shapes are green. We have to find out what’s different about the shapes.

Let’s look closely at our first shape. How many sides does it have? Let’s count, one, two, three. What do we call a shape with three sides? It’s a triangle. Triangles also have three corners or vertices.

Let’s look more closely at our second shape. How many sides does this shape have? One, two, three, four. It also has one, two, three, four corners. This shape is a square.

Let’s look at our last shape. How many sides does it have? One, two, three. And, it has one, two, three corners.

We have two triangles and a square. So, the shape that doesn’t belong is the square. Because it’s a square, and the other two shapes are triangles. The square has four sides and four corners, and the triangles both have three sides and three corners. The square is different to the triangles because it has more sides and more corners. The shape which does not belong is the middle shape, the square.

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