Video: Writing Algebraic Expressions

Write the following phrase as an algebraic expression: thirty-seven times as many oranges.


Video Transcript

Write the following phrase as an algebraic expression: 37 times as many oranges.

As we go to write this expression, the thing we immediately see is the number 37, after that is the word time, which for us communicates multiplication, and then we have the phrase as many oranges.

One way to think about this is the oranges that you started with or the oranges you have now. We don’t know how many oranges we start with. So we need to use some kind of variable, like 𝑥.

We can represent as many oranges with the variable 𝑥. And now we have the expression 37 times 𝑥. There is one really cool feature of expressions that can help us simplify this expression.

When you’re dealing with a number and a variable, if you put them next to each other, it means multiplication. We don’t need the x there. 37𝑥 is the same thing as saying 37 times 𝑥.

An algebraic expression for the phrase 37 times as many oranges is 37𝑥.

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