Question Video: Finding the Length of a Line Segment on the Number Line Mathematics • 7th Grade

Find the length of the line segment 𝐴𝐢.


Video Transcript

Find the length of the line segment 𝐴𝐢.

The number line drawn shows the horizontal or π‘₯-axis between zero and nine. The point 𝐴 lies at one on the number line, the point 𝐡 lies at four, and the point 𝐢 lies at six. In this question, we’re asked to find the length of 𝐴𝐢. This means the distance from point 𝐴 to point 𝐢.

On the number line, we can see that this is the distance or difference between one and six. In order to find the difference between two numbers, we subtract them and six minus one is equal to five.

We can, therefore, say that the length of the line segment 𝐴𝐢 on the number line is five length units.

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