Video: Subtracting Numbers up to 999

Find the difference between 824 and 174.


Video Transcript

Find the difference between 824 and 174.

Subtracting 174 from 824 looks like this. Both of these numbers would have a decimal point to the right of the ones place. So we can line them up in this way, where the ones place are in-line, the tens place are in-line, and the hundreds place are in-line. From here, we work from right to left, from the ones place to the hundreds place, and we subtract. Four minus four, which equal zero. But now, we need to subtract seven from this two, and that’s not going to work. So from our hundreds we borrow, leaving us with seven remaining hundreds and 12 tens. Now we can subtract seven from 12; that’s five. And then we can subtract our hundreds, seven minus one which equals six.

The difference between 824 and 174 is 650.

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