Question Video: Applying the Commutative Property Mathematics • 7th Grade

Complete √13 × 2 = 2 × _.


Video Transcript

Complete the square root of 13 times two equals two times blank.

To solve this problem, we’ll need to think about the commutative property of multiplication. This tells us that two numbers can be multiplied in any order. Imagine that we have a rectangle that has a length of the square root of 13 and a width of two. This shape has the same area. The area doesn’t change if we turn the rectangle on its side.

And we now have a rectangle that’s two by the square root of 13. The commutative property tells us that the square root of 13 times two is the same as two times the square root of 13. And we can visualize it in these rectangles.

Either one of these methods will help us think through the final answer of square root of 13.

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