Video: KS1-M18 • Paper 1 • Question 15

8 ÷ 2 = _.


Video Transcript

Eight divided by two equals what?

This symbol tells us that we need to start with eight and divide it by two. There are two different ways to think about this problem. The first is to ask ourselves how many twos are there in eight. We can use our knowledge of times tables facts to help us. One times two is two, two times two equals four, three times two is six, and four times two equals eight. Now that we’ve made eight, let’s go back to our question, “How many twos are there in eight?” One, two, three, four. Four multiplied by two equals eight. So if we divide eight into twos, we find there are four of them.

Another way we can find out how many twos there are in eight is to use a number line. We can start at zero and count in twos until we reach the number eight. How many lots of two will it take for us to reach eight? One, two, three, four; two, four, six, eight. We got from zero to eight in four jumps. Four lots of two equal eight. And so we know eight divided by two equals four.

The second way of thinking about this question is to ask ourselves, “If we split eight into two equal groups, how many will be in each group?” Remember splitting an object or a number into two equal parts is the same as splitting it in half. So we could ask ourselves, “What happens if we split eight in half?” Start with eight and divide it into two equal groups divided into half.

There are four in each group. So it doesn’t matter which way we think about the problem. We can still use these methods to find the same answer. Eight divided by two equals four.

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