Question Video: Using the pH Scale to Identify the Acidity of a Coffee Solution Chemistry • 7th Grade

Coffee has a pH of 5. Is it acidic, basic, or neutral?


Video Transcript

Coffee has a pH of five. Is it acidic, basic, or neutral?

To answer this question, let’s review what we know about pH in general. pH is a measure of how acidic or basic something is, with neutral being right in the middle. pH ranges from zero to 14. If something has a pH of zero, it’s very acidic while something with a pH of 14 is very basic. A pH of seven, which is right in the middle, means that something is neutral, i.e., something that’s neither acidic nor basic.

pH values less than seven are considered acidic while pH values above seven are considered basic. So now let’s take another look at our question. We’re told that coffee has a pH of five. On our scale, we can see that pH five is just below pH seven and is in the acidic range.

This tells us that coffee with a pH of five is acidic. So this is our answer.

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