Video: Converting Decimals to Fractions

Convert 3.47 to a fraction.


Video Transcript

Convert 3.47 to a fraction.

3.47 is equal to three and 47 hundredths or written as three and 47 hundredths. And three and 47 hundredths can be written as three plus 47 hundredths. And let’s go ahead and rewrite three. So it has a denominator of 100. And three is technically three over one. So to make the denominator 100, we need to multiply by 100. But whatever we do to the denominator, we have to do to the numerator. So we have three hundredths one hundredth plus 47 one hundredth.

And when adding fractions, we add our numerators and we keep our denominators, as long as our denominators are alike. So our numerator would be 300 plus 47. And we keep our denominator of 100, resulting in 347 over 100.

So converting 3.47 to a fraction will give us 347 over 100.

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