Question Video: Determining the Products of the Neutralization Reaction of Barium Hydroxide Ba(OH)₂ with Carbonic Acid H₂CO₃ Chemistry

What product or products are formed during the neutralization reaction? Ba(OH)₂ + H₂CO₃ ⟶ ?


Video Transcript

What product or products are formed during the following neutralization reaction?

This question is asking about a neutralization reaction. The general form of neutralization reactions is that a base and an acid combine to produce water and a salt. This question is specifically asking about the products formed during the reaction. Or if we combine these two substances on the left-side of the equation, what chemicals appear on the right-hand side of the equation?

If we look at our general formula, we can more specifically ask, water and what salt will be produced by this reaction? To answer this question, we need to know what ions are present in the reactants and how will they combine to form the products. Barium hydroxide breaks down into a barium ion and two hydroxide ions. H2CO3, also known as carbonic acid, breaks down into two hydrogen ions and one carbonate ion.

Listing the ions gives us a good breakdown of what will happen when the products are formed. The hydroxide ion supplied by the base and the hydrogen ion supplied by the acid will combine to form water, H2O. Meanwhile, the positive cation supplied by the base and the negative anion supplied by the acid will combine to form the salt. Written out, the products of the reaction look like this: 2H2O plus BaCO3.

Since the base and the acid each supply two ions, the reaction as a whole will produce two molecules of water, indicated by the two before H2O. It’s also worth noting that our salt, barium carbonate, is formed with one barium ion and one carbonate ion, because the two plus charge from barium cancels out the two minus charge from the carbonate ion. If the two ions that make up our salt had different charges, we would need to use different numbers of each of them to balance out the charges.

In a neutralization reaction, the acid and the base each supply one ion to help make water. And they each supply one ion to help make the salt. In the neutralization reaction given here, the products that are formed are two molecules of water and barium carbonate salt.

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