Question Video: Dividing by 3 Using Times Table Fact Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Find the missing quotient. 24 ÷ 3 = _. Hint: How can solving _ × 3 = 24 help you?


Video Transcript

Find the missing quotient. 24 divided by three equals what. Hint: How can solving what times three equals 24 help you?

There’s an interesting word in the first sentence of this problem, “quotient.” Whatever it is, there’s one missing because we’re told to find the missing quotient. And underneath this phrase, we can see a division: 24 divided by three equals what. And the missing number is the answer to the division. And you know, this is what a quotient is. It’s the answer when we’ve divided one number by another. So really, we could say, find the missing answer to this division. What is 24 divided by three? And we’re given a hint to help us. We’re asked, how can solving what times three equals 24 help you? Can you see what number sentence we’re given? It’s a times table fact.

Now there are lots of ways we could solve division questions. But probably the quickest way is to think of a times table fact we already know and use this to help us. Perhaps you already know what number you multiply by three to get 24. But in case you don’t, let’s go through our number facts. One times three is three, two threes are six, three times three is nine, four threes are 12, five times three is 15, six threes are 18, seven threes are 21, and now the important one, eight times three equals 24. Perhaps you didn’t need to go through all those facts; perhaps you knew it already.

Eight multiplied by three equals 24. And let’s think about what that means for a moment. There are eight lots of three in 24. And so if we ask ourselves the question, what’s 24 divided by three, really what we’re asking ourselves is, how many threes are in 24? And we know this because the times tables fact tells us. There are eight threes in 24. We found the answer to this division question or the quotient by using a multiplication fact to help us. We know that eight times three is 24, and so 24 divided by three must be eight.

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