Video: KS2-M19 • Paper 1 • Question 25

888 divided by 37.


Video Transcript

888 divided by 37. How many 37s are there in 888?

Eight is too small. There’re no 37s in eight. How many 37s are there in 88? Double 37 is 74. And if we add 37 to 74, that tells us that three times 37 is 111. Two 37s are 74, which gives us a remainder of 14. There’re no 37s in 14. So we need to bring down the eight. Now find out how many 37s there are in 148. And we can use this fact to help us.

Double 37 is 74. And double 74 is 148. Doubling and doubling again is the same as multiplying by four. So 37 multiplied by four is 148. And this leaves us with no remainders.

888 divided by 37 equals 24.

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