Video: Finding the Perimeter of a Rhombus

What is the perimeter of a rhombus of side 17?


Video Transcript

What is the perimeter of a rhombus of side 17?

First, we need to remember what a rhombus is and what its properties are. A rhombus is a type of quadrilateral. That means it’s a four-sided figure. It has four straight sides that are equal in length. But we not only need to know what a rhombus is to solve this problem. We also need to think about what the word perimeter means.

The perimeter is the distance around a two-dimensional shape. We find the perimeter by adding the lengths of all the sides. We have four sides. They all measure 17. The perimeter of our rhombus equals 17 plus 17 plus 17 plus 17 or four times 17.

Adding 17 to itself four times is the same as multiplying 17 times four. If we multiply 17 times four, four times seven equals 28. Write down your eight. Carry your two. Four times one equals four plus two is six. Four times 17 equals 68. And that means 17 plus itself four times equals 68.

The perimeter of a rhombus of side 17 is 68.

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