Video: Dividing Numbers up to 999

Find the quotient of 134 ÷ 2.


Video Transcript

Find the quotient of 134 divided by two.

We recognize that we’re dealing with division. We’re dividing 134 by two. And the outcome of this problem is called the quotient. The first part of the problem we ask the question “can two be divided into one?” Two cannot be divided into one. So we say “okay, can two go into 13? If so, how many times?” Two can go into 13 six times. Six times two equals 12. We need to subtract 12 from 13. 13 minus 12 is one.

After that, we bring down the next digit — the four and we say how many times does two go into 14? 14 divided by two is seven. Seven times two equals 14. 14 minus 14 equal zero. That means that there is no remainder. Two is divided evenly into 134. And that means the quotient here is 67.

134 divided by two equals 67.

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