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Question Video: Recalling the Name of the Galaxy That Our Solar System Is In Science

What is the name of the galaxy that our solar system is in?


Video Transcript

What is the name of the galaxy that our solar system is in?

To begin, let’s recall that a galaxy is a collection of millions or billions of stars. Our own solar system is located within a spiral galaxy, which has a bright dense center and several arms that spiral outwards from the center. Our solar system is located on one of the galaxy’s spiral arms. From here on Earth, we can see features of the galaxy in the night sky.

Throughout history, people have noticed a bright band across the sky that appears cloudy or milky, and so it’s been called the Milky Way. In the night sky, the Milky Way looks like a bright cloud. Now, thanks to our understanding of science, we know that it’s not a cloud. It’s actually a big collection of billions of stars. This is the galaxy that our solar system is in, and the name of the galaxy is the Milky Way.

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