Video: Counting on in Ones to Find a Total

Calculate the following: 876 − 10 = _.


Video Transcript

Calculate the following. 876 subtract 10 equals what.

To help us think about which method we could use here to find the answer, we should look carefully about the numbers in this subtraction. We’re starting with a three-digit number. But the number we’re subtracting is a two-digit number. And it’s a number of tens. In other words, there’re no hundreds or ones in the number 10.

876 is made up of eight hundreds, seven tens, and six ones. Now, the number that we’re subtracting is 10. This simply has a value of one ten. We already have seven tens in 876. So if we subtract one ten away from this, we don’t need to worry about the hundreds or the ones. We just need to think about the tens. Seven tens take away one ten leaves us with six tens. We know that seven take away one equals six. So a number with seven tens take away one ten will give us an answer with six tens.

And so 876 take away 10 equals 866.

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