Video: KS2-M18 • Paper 1 • Question 12

5,400 ÷ 9 = _.


Video Transcript

5400 divided by nine equals what?

5400 seems a large number to be divided by nine. So we might think that we need to use pencil and paper and use the short division method to find the answer. But instead, as a much quicker way to find the answer in our heads, we need to apply fact we already know to help us find the answer.

If we look carefully at the numbers in this calculation, can we see a times table fact that we already know? What about six times nine equals 54? We can see the nine and the five and the four in the number sentence. Because we know that six times nine equals 54, we can use this to write the related division fact.

54 divided by nine equals six. And we can use this fact now to help us find the answer. 5400 is 100 times as large as 54. So the number of nines in 5400 will be 100 times the number of nines that there were in 54. Six multiplied by 100 equals 600.

And so although we could’ve worked out exactly the same answer using written short division method, we spotted a pattern in the numbers in the question. And so we used a known times table fact to help. We wrote the times table fact as a division. And then straightaway, we saw a link to our question. All we had to do to find the answer was to multiply six by 100. The number of nines in 5400 is 100 times the number of nines in 54.

5400 divided by nine equals 600.

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