Video: Dividing a Decimal Number by Another

Estimate the value of 2.265 ÷ 0.52.


Video Transcript

Estimate the value of 2.265 divided by 0.52.

The first thing we can say is that 2.265 is about two. Then we can say that 0.52 is about one-half. It’s about zero and five-tenths.

Now we have two divided by five-tenths. What if we take this five-tenths and we turned it into a fraction, five-tenths? Then we can recognize that five out of ten is the same as one out of two. It’s one-half.

Now we’re asking the question what is two divided by one-half. When we’re trying to divide by a fraction, we change the division to multiplication and then we flip the fraction. We turn one-half into two over one.

Now we say two times two over one. Two times two equals four. The estimate for 2.265 divided by 0.52 would be four.

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