Video: Finding the Missing Digits in Expanded 3-Digit Numbers

Which number is missing from the expanded form?


Video Transcript

Which number is missing from the expanded form?

The digit form is seven nine five. And we’ve been given two out of the three parts of the expanded form. In our place value system, the digit all the way to the right, here shown in red, represents the ones place. Five ones is written as five. All the way on the left, the digit shown in blue here is the hundreds place. The digit all the way on the left, the seven here, is in the hundreds place. And we write seven hundreds in expanded form as seven zero zero.

And that leaves us with our place value in the middle, the yellow place value. This place is the tens place. We see that we have nine tens. Having nine tens in expanded form is the same thing as having 90. Nine tens is equal to 90. Here’s what we’ve shown, that 795 is equal to 700 plus 90 plus five. The missing number was 90.

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