Video: KS1-M16 • Paper 2 • Question 29

Here are some signs. > < =. Write the correct sign in each box. 10 + 5 _ 10 × 5, 2 × 6 _ 6 + 6


Video Transcript

Here are some signs. And then, we’re shown three symbols. Write the correct sign in each box. 10 plus five what 10 times five. And two times six what six plus six.

What do the three symbols mean that we’re given? Let’s remind ourselves. The first and the second symbols look very similar. They just point in different directions. One means is less than. And the other means is greater than. But which one is which? The wider part of the symbol always points towards the greater number. So with the first symbol, the largest number must come first. And then, the smallest number comes after the symbol. This symbol means is greater than. The second symbol is pointing the opposite direction. The larger number comes after the symbol. And the smaller number comes first. So this symbol means is less than. And we know that the final symbol means is equal to. We need to choose the correct sign to write in each box. There’re two ways we can find each answer. Firstly, we could use reasoning. And secondly, we could calculate.

First, let’s use reasoning. We’ll make a guess as to what we think the answer is. And then, we’ll calculate to see whether we were right. Our first pair of calculations are almost the same. They just have a different symbol in between them, 10 plus five and 10 multiplied by five. Which do we think might be larger if we add five to a number or if we have five lots of a number. We can guess that five lots of a number is going to be greater than if we add five. So we could say 10 plus five is less than 10 times five. Now, let’s use calculation to check our answer. 10 plus five equals 15. 10 times five is the same as five lots of 10, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. Five 10s or 10 times five equals 50. Now, if we read the statement from left to right, 15 is less than 50. We’ve chosen the right symbol.

Our second set of calculations says two times six and six plus six. Again, we can use reasoning and also calculation to find the correct symbol. If we think about it, what does two times six mean. It means two lots of six or two groups of six. And if we add together six plus six, we’ve also added two groups of six together. So let’s guess that the correct symbol is is equal to or is the same as. Let’s check our answer by calculating. Two times six equals 12. And six add another six also equals 12. Again, we’ve chosen the correct symbol.

10 plus five is less than 10 multiplied by five. And two times six is equal to six plus six.

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