Video: Number Patterns with Numbers up to 9

Complete the following pattern: 1, 3, _, _.


Video Transcript

Complete the following pattern: one, three, what, what.

We’ve been given a pattern with four numbers. The first two numbers are given, one and three. We have to find the next two numbers in the pattern. First, we need to work out how to get from one to three. We can use a number line to help us. Which number comes between one and three? It’s number two. To get from one to three, first, we add one to get to number two. And if we add one more, then that will take us to number three. We counted forward two. One plus two is three.

If the rule of the pattern is to add two each time, what will the next number be? We need to add two to three. One, two. The next number in the sequence will be number five. Can you work out what the final number in our sequence will be? Five and two more, six, seven. The final number in the sequence is number seven. The completed pattern is one, three, five, seven. Did you notice that the numbers in this pattern are all odd numbers? The two missing numbers are five and seven.

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