Video: Pack 2 • Paper 2 • Question 2

Pack 2 • Paper 2 • Question 2


Video Transcript

Solve three multiplied by six 𝑥 minus two equals 12 minus four 𝑥.

Our first step is to expand or multiply out the brackets. We need to multiply three by six 𝑥 and three by negative two. Three multiplied by six 𝑥 is 18𝑥 and three multiplied by negative two is negative six.

At this stage, we need to balance the equation to get all the 𝑥s on one side and all the numbers on the other. Adding four 𝑥 to both sides of the equation gives us 22𝑥 minus six equals 12. Our next step is to add six to both sides of this equation. This leaves us with 22𝑥 equals 18 as 12 plus six equals 18.

Finally, we need to divide both sides of the equation by 22. This gives us 𝑥 is equal to 18 over 22. We can simplify this fraction by dividing the numerator and denominator by two. Remember whatever you do to the bottom, you must do to the top. 18 divided by two is nine and 22 divided by two is 11.

This means that the solution to the equation is 𝑥 equals nine elevenths or 𝑥 equals nine over 11. We could check this answer by substituting this value of 𝑥 back into the original equation.

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