Video: Comparing Fractions with Unity

Complete 1 _ 7/9 using <, = or >.


Video Transcript

Complete one compared to seven-ninths using less than, equal to, or greater than.

We’re trying to compare the whole number one with the fraction seven-ninths. We need to turn this whole number one into a fraction with the denominator of nine. It must have a denominator of nine and also be equal to the whole number one. The only value that the numerator can be is nine. We can write the whole number one as the fraction nine over nine.

And then, when two fractions have a common denominator, to compare their values, we only have to compare their numerators. Nine is bigger than seven. Nine over nine is more than seven over nine. Nine-ninths is greater than seven-ninths. And that means, one is greater than seven-ninths. Our missing symbol was the greater than sign.

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