Video: KS2-M18 • Paper 1 • Question 15

3,050,020 = 3,000,000 + _ + 20


Video Transcript

3050020 is equal to 3000000 plus what plus 20?

The number 3050020 has been partitioned into three parts. The first part is 3000000. The three digit in this number represents 3000000. The third part that our number has been partitioned into is 20. The two digit in 3050020 is worth two tens or 20. The second part of the partitioned number must be the digit five because all of the other digits in 3050020 are zeros. So we need to use our knowledge of place value to find out what this five digit is worth.

This digit represents the ones. This digit represents the tens. This digit represents the hundreds. This digit is the thousands. So this digit represents the ten thousands. The five digit represents five ten thousands, which is 50000. The missing number is 50000. 3050020 is equal to 3000000 plus 50000 plus 20.

We used our knowledge of place value to help us find the answer. Our number had been partitioned into three parts. We’ve recognised that only three digits in this number weren’t zeros. The three was worth 3000000. The two is worth two tens, which is 20. We had to work out what the five was worth. We’ve realised that five was in the ten thousands column. Five ten thousands is 50000.

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