Question Video: Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Thousand Mathematics

Round 7412 to the nearest thousand.


Video Transcript

Round 7412 to the nearest thousand.

7412 lies somewhere on this number line. It’s between 7000 and 8000. We have to work out which of the two it’s nearer because we’re being asked to round 7412 to the nearest thousand. One way we could find the answer is to use the number line to help and, in particular, to think about what the halfway point is.

Halfway between 7000 and 8000 is 7500. All the numbers to the left of 7500 are nearest to 7000. And all of the numbers to the right of 7500, and this includes 7500 itself, are nearest to 8000. We round them up. So, where does 7412 belong on our number line? It belongs to the left of 7500. It’s less than 7500. And so, when we round this number to the nearest thousand, we round it down. The nearest thousand to 7412 is 7000.

Let’s check our answer using our knowledge of place value. We want to round to the nearest thousand. So, the answer is either going to be 7000 or 8000. We then look at the next digit to the right, the hundreds digit. If the digit is a one, a two, a three, or a four, we round down. But if the digit is a five, a six, a seven, an eight, or a nine, then we round up. In this number, the next digit to the right is a four. So, we’re going to round down. 7412 becomes 7000. 7412 rounded to the nearest thousand is 7000.

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