Video: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Using Laws of Exponents

Simplify (๐‘Ž รท ๐‘โท)^(10).


Video Transcript

Simplify ๐‘Ž divided by ๐‘ to the seventh power to the 10th power.

The first thing we can go ahead and do is note that ๐‘Ž can also be written as ๐‘Ž to the first power. After that, we wanna distribute this 10th power to the ๐‘Ž to the first power and ๐‘ to the seventh power.

Doing this is taking a power to a power. And that means we multiply the exponents together. ๐‘Ž to the first power becomes ๐‘Ž to the one times 10 power. And ๐‘ to the seventh power becomes ๐‘ to the seven times 10 power. Bring down the division, ๐‘Ž to the 10th divided by ๐‘ to the 70th. We can rewrite this division as a fraction, ๐‘Ž to the 10th over ๐‘ to the 70th.

Our simplified form is ๐‘Ž to the 10th power over ๐‘ to the 70th power.

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