Question Video: Multiplying Vectors by Scalars Mathematics • 10th Grade

Given that 𝐀 = 〈−1, −8〉, find 3𝐀.


Video Transcript

Given that vector 𝐀 is equal to negative one, negative eight, find three 𝐀.

Multiplying a vector by any real number, as in this case, is known as scalar multiplication. In order to perform scalar multiplication, we multiply each component of the vector by the scalar. In this question, we need to multiply the vector negative one, negative eight by three. Multiplying a positive number by a negative number gives a negative answer. Therefore, three multiplied by negative one is negative three. Three multiplied by negative eight is equal to negative 24. Three multiplied by the vector 𝐀 or the vector three 𝐀 is equal to negative three, negative 24.

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