Video: Solving One-Step Addition Linear Equations

If 𝑥 − 2 = 9, what is the value of 𝑥?


Video Transcript

If 𝑥 minus two is equal to nine, what is the value of 𝑥?

In order to solve this equation, we are going to use the balancing method. Our first step will be to add two to both sides of the equation. This will leave us 𝑥 minus two plus two equals nine plus two.

As negative two plus two gives us zero, the left-hand side will just become 𝑥. On the right-hand side, nine plus two equals 11. Therefore, our value for 𝑥 is 𝑥 equals 11.

We could check this answer by substituting the 11 back into the initial equation. 11 minus two is equal to nine. Therefore, our solution 𝑥 equals 11 is correct.

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