Video: Factoring Single Bracket Expressions

Factor −20 − 15𝑥.


Video Transcript

Factor negative 20 minus 15𝑥.

In order to factor this expression, we need to find the highest common factor or HCF of negative 20 and negative 15. The highest common factor is negative five. Therefore, we can take negative five out of the parenthesis or bracket. Negative 20 divided by negative five is equal to four. Therefore, our first term inside the parenthesis is four. Negative 15𝑥 divided by negative five is positive three 𝑥. Therefore, our second term in the parenthesis is positive three 𝑥.

We can check this answer by expanding or multiplying out the parenthesis. Negative five multiplied by four is negative 20 and negative five multiplied by three 𝑥 is negative 15𝑥.

This means that the factor of negative 20 minus 15𝑥 is negative five multiplied by four plus three 𝑥.

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