Video: Understanding Place Value When Comparing Numbers

Which is greater 435 or 453?


Video Transcript

Which is greater 435 or 453?

The keyword in this question is “greater.” When we see the word “greater” in a question, it means we have to compare two numbers and work out which one is worth the most. You may also have seen these symbols, which we use when we’re comparing the value of two numbers. The first symbol means “is less than.” The equal symbol is used to represent “is equal to.” And this symbol is used to mean “is greater than.”

Let’s choose Mr. Alligator to help us remember how to compare numbers using those symbols. Mr. Alligator is hungry for lunch. He always eats the biggest number, munch munch munch. The question asks us which is greater, 435 or 453. So we need to compare the numbers and work out which is greater. And so you can see I’ve used the greater than symbol. If you’re not sure which is the greater number, you could use an abacus to help you or draw an abacus to help you.

Let’s start by comparing the hundreds digit. 435 has four hundreds, but 453 also has four hundreds, so that doesn’t help. Let’s look at the tens digit. 435 has three tens, and 453 has five tens. So which is greater, 430 or 450? That’s right; it’s 450. So 453 is greater than 435. If we were going to record that with the greater than symbol, that’s how it would look. So the answer to the question is 453.

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