Video: Multiplying One-Digit Numbers by Five-Digit Numbers

Find 34211 × 4.


Video Transcript

Find 34211 multiplied by four.

This calculation involves multiplying a five-digit number by a single digit. And to help us multiply 34211 by four, we can set the numbers out vertically. By doing this, it helps us to multiply each of the digits in 34211 by the number that we’re multiplying by, which is four. We can multiply each one in turn and make sure that each digit has the correct place value. So let’s go through them in order from right to left, starting with the one’s digit.

One multiplied by four equals four. In the next column, we’ve got the same calculation, one times four, except this time our one stands for one ten. One ten multiplied by four equals four tens. So this digit is going to go in the tens place. We know that two times four equals eight. So two hundreds multiplied by four equals an eight in the hundreds place. Four thousands multiplied by four equals 16 thousands. We can’t write 16 in the thousands place. So we have to put the six in the thousands place and exchange 10 of our thousands for one lot of 10000. And finally, three lots of 10000 multiplied by four equals 12 lots of 10000. We’ve already got one lot of 10000 underneath. So that takes us to 13 lots of 10000 or 130000.

We set the calculation out vertically to help us work out the answer using short multiplication. 34211 multiplied by four equals 136844.

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