Video: KS2-M19 • Paper 1 • Question 8

120 ÷ 12 = _.


Video Transcript

120 divided by 12 equals what.

Do we know any related facts that could help us to solve this problem? Well, if 120 divided by 12 equals this mystery number here, then we know that 12 multiplied by the mystery number will give us an answer of 120. What we multiply 12 by to get 120? Even if we don’t know the multiplication facts off by heart, we can see that 12 and 120 contain the same digits.

In fact, to get from 12 to 120, each of the digits moves one place to the left. In other words, it becomes worth 10 times as much. And so we know that 12 multiplied by 10 equals 120. Now, we can rearrange this multiplication and use this fact to help us solve the division.

If 12 tens equal 120, then 120 divided by 12 equals 10.

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