Video: Completing Multiplication Table Problems

Complete: 8 × _ = 56.


Video Transcript

Complete: eight multiplied by something equals 56.

Now this question’s asking us to find out the number of eights that are in 56. We can use our knowledge of multiplication tables to find the answer. Our bar models are really useful. And this bar model is a really good way to represent the problem. We can see that the whole amount is equal to 56 and that each part has a value of eight. But how many eights equal 56?

Let’s sketch an array and count in eights to find the answer, eight, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, and 56. Our array shows eight rows with seven dots in each row. So, eight lots of seven equals 56. And we could even complete the bar model to show this too. And so, the missing number in our multiplication fact is seven.

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