Video: Finding the Quotient and Remainder Using Long Division

Find the quotient of 751 ÷ 30 and the remainder if it exists.


Video Transcript

Find the quotient of 751 divided by 30 and the remainder if it exists.

The quotient is the answer we get after we divide one number by another, and the remainder is what is left over in a division problem. So the first thing we need to do is divide 751 by 30. 751 is the dividend. It goes inside the box. 30 is the divisor. It goes on the outside of the box.

To divide, the first thing we ask is how many times will 30 go into 75. I know that two times 30 equals 60. So I start there. Two times 30 equal 60. We need to subtract 60 from the 75 we started with. Five minus zero is five. Seven minus six equals one.

After that we bring down our next digit, a one, and we need to ask how many times can 30 be divided into 151. I’m thinking I know three times five equals 15, and that means 30 times five equals 150. So I will say that 30 can be divided into 151 five times. Five times 30 equals 150. When we subtract 150 from 151, there is one left over.

And 30 cannot be divided into one. This one that is left over is called the remainder. We have a remainder of one. The answer after we divide is 25, which means 25 is the quotient. When we divide 751 by 30, the quotient is 25 and the remainder is one.

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