Video: Using Five Frames to Add

What is 1 + 3?


Video Transcript

What is one plus three?

We’re shown a five frame. It has room for five counters. This five frame has one counter, one blue counter. We have to add three more counters to this one counter. In other words, we have to work out one plus three. We have to place our three pink counters in the five frame. One plus one is two. One plus two gives us a total in our five frame of three. One plus three equals four. This is the five frame that shows us one plus three equals four. The first five frame shows us one plus four equals five. There are five counters in this five frame. One plus three is four. And the third five frame shows us one blue counter plus two pink counters. One plus two is three. One plus three is four.

The five frame which shows one plus three is four is the one in the middle.

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