Question Video: Evaluating Unit Fractions of a Quantity Mathematics • 3rd Grade

What is 1/5 of 5?


Video Transcript

What is one-fifth of five?

In this question, we need to find a fraction of an amount. That amount is five. Let’s model it, shall we? Let’s use pufferfish. Now we can see that there are five fish in the whole amount. But what do we do to find one-fifth of this number? The number one, the numerator in this fraction, tells us that it’s a unit fraction. We’re only looking for one part, not two-fifths or three-fifths or four-fifths, only one-fifth. And the number five, that’s the denominator, tells us how many equal parts to split the whole amount into.

To find a fifth, we divide the whole amount into five equal parts. Each part is worth one-fifth. Now we know that five ones make five. So if we divide five by itself, the answer is one. We found the answer here by dividing five into five. One-fifth of five equals one.

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